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The  What's Up With Food Allergies newsletter shares content that  encourages, reassures, teaches, and inspires you to live your best life with (in spite of?) food allergies.  The more you know about living with food allergies, the more you can live free with confidence.  Knowledge is peace of mind.

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July 28, 2022 — iss. 16

Coming soon! 😎


June 30, 2022 — iss. 15

Coming soon! 😎


Travel Safely this Summer 🌴

Where are you headed this summer? The beach? The pool? Or will you hit the road to see family or touch history in far away places? Get resources & tips for staying safe with food allergies in this newsletter. Wishing you grand adventures with peace of mind!


Be The Change You Want To See 💕

It doesn't matter if we are 8, 18, or 38. May 8-14 is Food Allergy Awareness Week in the U.S. and each of us has the power to educate, advocate and build awareness. Make this May your month to do just that — in ways big or small. We're stronger together!

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Pointing The Way To The Possible 🌱

Sometimes the ‘spark’ from another's journey can light the way through hard times, pointing the way to the possible.  Sharing some ‘sparks’ with this month’s newsletter, as well as some FA opportunities to make a difference and find support.


Some Food Allergy  Encouragement

Food allergy parenting can be quite a journey. Find some encouragement here for living your best life with food allergies. But food allergies aside, today is the coolest date of the decade—2-22-22! what are you doing this TWOSday to make it a day to remember? 😘 

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Goodbye 2021.  Hello 2022. 🕊️

Sharing a post roundup of some 2021 community favorites. A few will bring smiles. A few will be a 'note to self' to stay vigilant. And a few will help you learn more about food allergy basics. Wishing you a 2022 filled with much happiness and peace of mind.

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Have a Happy (& Safe) Thanksgiving 

The Allergy Force Team wishes you and yours a beautiful holiday season. Enjoy the little and the big moments with your loved ones. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Find joy. Give thanks.


Having a Fun (Safe!) Halloween 🎃


In this newsletter you’ll find strategies and allergy-friendly resources that can help you stay safe while you trick-or-treat. Wishing you and your Jedi’s, superheroes, princesses, zombies & witches great fun and many giggles along the way.

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September 28, 2021 — iss. 7

Finding Your Bounce


Question of the day: What do people with food allergies and Tigger have in common? Our bounce!  Living our best life with food allergies isn't about how fast we run or how high we climb, but how well we bounce. Sharing content here that will definitely put more 'bounce' in your day.


August 24, 2021 — iss. 6

Tackle Back-to-School With Confidence


Days are def getting shorter and fall's just around the corner. Whether you're saying a fond farewell to toes-in-the-sand beach days, or you're already back in the classroom, you'll find perspective and resources here that will help you tackle the new season with confidence.


July 27, 2021 — iss. 5

Believe You Can & You're Halfway There


We hope you've found your HAPPY this summer — whether it's catching fireflies, counting stars, firing up the grill, or exploring parts unknown. Sharing some 'best of' stories from the past month and some resources that will encourage and empower you to live your best life with food allergies. 


June 22, 2021 — iss. 4

Family Travel with Food Allergies


June's fading fast with July and August ahead.  What are your summer plans? Are you heading to the beach or the nearest pool? Will you travel to see family or discover wonders in far away places. Take a peek at these posts about family travels with food allergies. You'll find approaches and resources to help you keep the 'free' in carefree while you explore and have fun. Happy Father's Day!


May 25, 2021 — iss. 3

Finding Food Allergy Confidence 

When we come together as community, there's no limit to what we can accomplish. Together. May—awareness month for food allergy, asthma and celiac disease—has been non-stop 'best of' in education, advocacy, honoring loved ones, building & bridge lightings, and product showcasing. Sharing some 'best of' that will lift you up while you learn. Happy Mother's Day!


April 22, 2021 — iss. 2

Allergy Force Insights


Living with food can be challenging. There's no doubt about it.  Check out this month's edition of Allergy Force Insights. These articles and videos — curated just for you — will teach, inspire, and offer perspective. 


March 25, 2021 — iss. 1

What's Up with Food Allergies?


You're receiving the first edition of our newsletter.  We couldn't be more excited to reach out with this information. Our hope is that you'll find at least a kernel of actionable information here, if not a smile or two. Happy Spring!