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The Allergy Force Story

The 'ah-ha' moment


The creation of the Allergy Force food allergy app was inspired by two things: by our food allergic family life and our passion to help people with food allergies enjoy life to the fullest.


Our eldest son — born in the late nineties when the food allergy epidemic was just gathering steam — now only manages 5 allergies versus a much, much longer list when he was little. During a family trip in 2016, on our way to a restaurant, we rummaged in the backpack for our Italian food allergy translation.  Found it – smudged, practically illegible, had definitely seen better days.  We looked at each other.  There had to be another way…and that was the Allergy Force ‘ah-ha’ moment.


We created the Allergy Force food allergy app to make food allergic living less stressful, more carefree. The app keeps all the information you need to stay safe — from 911 calling and your emergency action plan, to a barcode scanner for reading food labels — right on your phone, all within reach. With Allergy Force, you’re in control of your food allergies and prepared for the unexpected.


We're peace of mind in your pocket. 


Gayle Rigione
CEO & Co-founder

A Bit About Me

The ‘can do’ spirit is deeply embedded in the family DNA so food allergies have never stopped us from living life full on. Living with food allergies does not mean you have to miss out on fun and adventures.

I have a diverse professional background with expertise in strategy and business development honed in financial services, the digital space and the non-profit world. Besides being the CEO and Co-founder of Allergy Force, I am a long-time allergy mom. I've lived the heart stopping moments when my child ate the wrong thing. I've second guessed reactions and their severity. I've spent the night in the ER. I've also had to let go and teach my son to manage his own allergies, over time.  


All these experiences have steeled my resolve to create tools that can lighten the load for those who travel the same food allergic path.  


Mark Twain once said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."  Helping food allergy families live safer, easier lives through education and technology is my 'why '.  


Though food allergies shape our lives they do not define us.

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