Get the definitive eBook that helps you plan for fun!

It IS possible to travel the world safely with food allergies.  The key to traveling safely is advance legwork to research, organize and communicate your needs.


If you are looking forward to time away and new adventures, but you or a loved one has food allergies that give you cause for pause, then this e-book is for you.   You’ll find it helpful whether,

  • You are brand new to international travel and want to be sure you cross critical t’s and dot critical i’s to ensure your loved one’s wellbeing during your travels;

  • You only venture to far flung destinations on occasion and need a refresh on thinking it all through; OR

  • You’re an experienced globe trotter –  a ‘have passport; will travel’ sort -- and just want to sanity check your plans.


The e-book is organized into three sections for ease of use:

  1. Phase 1: Trip Planning

  2. Phase 2: Travel Day 1 – Getting to your Destination

  3. Phase 3: Arrival at Your Destination


The e-book will help you think through what to ask, what to do, and when to do it.  It provides helpful resources that are just a click away.  View it now.

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