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Food Allergy App

Like an 'allergy mom' in your pocket

Do you have food allergies?


There are 32+ million people in the United States alone (~220-240 million worldwide) who live with food allergies.  You are not alone!


There are approximately 170 allergens that cause allergic reactions, with 9 identified as Major Food Allergens (MFA's) in the US with regulated disclosure on food labels. In the US, these MFA's or 'top allergens' include: Egg, Fish, Milk/Dairy, Peanut, Sesame, Shellfish (crustacean), Soy, Tree Nuts, and Wheat. Canada identifies 11 top or priority allergens and the European Union identifies 14.


Food allergies can be life-threatening.


According to FARE (The Food Allergy Research & Education organization), 200,000 people require emergency medical care in the US each year for allergic reactions (i.e., anaphylaxis)  to food. When someone has a serious allergic reaction to an allergen, epinephrine should be administered as soon as possible to stop the reaction and 911 should be called. Seeking emergency medical care is critical because close observation by medical professionals and additional medication may be required to fully treat the reaction.


When you have food allergies, you need to be prepared to handle an allergic reaction at any time. Having an Emergency Action Plan from your healthcare provider and  knowing it's details, having epinephrine  within reach at all times, and knowing the symptoms of anaphylaxis are important ways you can be prepared to handle an allergic reaction.


The medical standard of care for food allergies is strict avoidance of one's allergens. This can be challenging.  Think how food-centric life can be — from holiday gatherings, to team parties, to birthday celebrations, to playdates & sleepovers, to get-togethers with friends and neighbors. Food is social and emotional connection.  For many, it says "I love you."  


When you have food allergies, you need to plan ahead, anticipate different scenarios and research food options  to avoid allergens — from reading and evaluating food labels, to calling food manufacturers to understand their processes, to vetting restaurants before you go, to educating family members, friends, caregivers, teachers, and coaches (again and again). 


Allergy Force created an integrated food allergy app that helps you to easily and consistently explain your food allergies to others, evaluate food labels for allergens, remember to carry your epinephrine, and keep your emergency medications up-to-date. It also helps you handle allergic reactions, from reaching 911 & informing all your emergency contacts at the same time, to knowing what steps to take to treat symptoms (epinephrine? antihistamine?), to finding the nearest ER, to keeping track of reaction details for your next allergist appointment. This food allergy app helps you live free with more confidence and less fear with food allergies.

The Allergy Force food allergy app is like an 'allergy mom' in your pocket— there for every day, there for an allergy emergency.


To learn more about our allergy app, contact us today!

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