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Allergic Reaction Response Guide

An allergic reaction is always unwelcome. More often than not, it's an unwelcome surprise. You try to avoid your allergens, but they manage to find their way into your life, your food, and there you have it, an allergic reaction gathering steam.

A sudden onset of symptoms can be frightening, particularly because of uncertainty — you don't know how the reaction will evolve, what symptoms you'll experience or how fast it will all progress. Will it evolve into an anaphylactic reaction?**

And when you're afraid, you stop thinking...clearly.

You may not be with your allergy mom. And you probably don't carry around your Emergency Action Plan in your pocket or your gym bag all the time. If you haven't had a reaction before, or if you haven't had one in a very long time, you may not know what to do with any degree of confidence.

Think of the Allergy Force food allergy app as having your allergy mom in your pocket.

The Allergy Force app offers a 'FREE FOREVER' feature called the Allergic Reaction Response Guide because it is critical for everyone to take prompt and correct action when an allergic reaction strikes.

For this reason, you're prompted to customize this feature with your own doctor's instructions for handling allergic reactions as soon as you download the app. If you choose to skip that step during app set-up, you can do it later when it's more convenient. The important thing is that you do it.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android

The Allergic Reaction Response Guide suggests steps you should consider taking to manage your allergic reaction based on your inventory of all the symptoms you're experiencing.

Here's how it works:

1. On every screen In the app, you will see the 'caduceus' icon — ⚕️ — at the bottom of the screen next to the '+' sign. Look for it.


2. Just tap the 'caduceus' icon and you will land on the Allergic Reaction Response Guide.

  • Important! Familiarize yourself with this feature and how it works as soon as you download the app.

  • Don't miss the instructions.

  • Don't forget to add your doctor's comments for handling severe & mild reactions.

  • Don't forget to tap 'Save' to save all your inputs.



3. Tap 'Check Symptoms' to determine how to handle the symptoms you're experiencing.

  • First you will land on the 'Severe Symptoms' assessment. Check off all symptoms that apply in the boxes provided.

  • Tap 'Next' for action steps to consider.

  • You'll see your own doctor's instructions in red after the 'Severe Symptom's' summary (if you input them.)

  • Take Action. Don't hesitate. Seconds count!

  • If you do not check off any symptoms on the 'Severe Symptoms' screen, when you tap 'Next' you will land on the 'Mild Symptoms' screen.


4. When you land on the 'Mild Symptoms' screen you will see symptoms with checkboxes.

  • Check off all the 'Mild' symptoms that apply in the boxes provided.

  • Tap 'Next' for action steps to consider.

  • You'll see your own doctor's instructions in red after the symptom's summary (if you input them.)

  • Take Action. Don't hesitate. Seconds count!

  • If you check off just (1) 'Mild Symptom' on this screen, you will follow the protocols for 'Mild Symptoms'

  • If you check of more than (1) symptom, or you are unsure if your symptoms are 'Mild' or 'Severe' you will be taken to the protocols for 'Severe Symptoms'

This Emergency Feature is ‘Free Forever’ for you and is designed to work in partnership with the app's 911 calling and emergency contact features. Our app's Allergic Reaction Response Guide puts an interactive Emergency Care Plan in your pocket so it's always at your fingertips.

"With Allergy Force you have peace of mind in your pocket. The app equips you to handle emergencies safely. You know what to do and when to do it.

You're not alone."

—Gayle Rigione, CEO and Co-founder, Allergy Force


Get the App

The app offers Free Forever and Premium access. You can try out Premium during a 14-day, no commitment free trial. We want you to get to know us and trust us. We hope you will come to love us.


…empowering you to live your best life with food allergies.


The purpose of the App User Guide series of posts is to educate the food allergy community about the Allergy Force food allergy app — what it can do, how it works, how to get the most out of it. We're committed to helping you live freely with food allergies — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. Our app is peace of mind in your pocket.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android


** What is an anaphylactic reaction, or anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis occurs when your body launches an all out immune response to something you're allergic to — such as a food, an insect sting, latex or a medication. The response can take seconds to minutes to build momentum after exposure, and sometimes it could take even longer. Symptoms can include:

  • Skin: Hives and itching and flushed or pale skin

  • Heart: Low blood pressure (hypotension), a weak and rapid pulse, dizziness or fainting, shock

  • Lungs & Airways: Shortness of breath, wheezing, repetitive coughing, chest tightness or chest pain

  • Mouth: Obstructive swelling of the tongue and/or lips

  • Stomach: Nausea, stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea

  • Brain: Feeling of impending doom, anxiety, headache

Always follow your anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (aka 'Emergency Action Plan')

to the letter, if you think you're having an allergic reaction.

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