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(For You)

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Many of the Allergy Force app's features are Free Forever. Imagine giving restaurants a heads-up on your allergies before you go in 21 languages?  Or navigating an allergic reaction with a step-by-step guide customized with your own Doctor's guidance?  Or explaining your child's allergies to a babysitter with an easy-to-use templated email? The app gives you access to all this and more, for free.  It's peace of mind in your pocket.

For Emergencies


911 Calling

Reach 911 with just a tap in an emergency.


Reaction Response Guide

Know what to do for an allergic reaction. Customize with your own doctor's instructions.


Emergency Contacts

Reach emergency contacts in a hurry. Plus send a map of your location.


Reaction Diary & History

Log reactions and have your entire history—including a photo for your next allergist visit.


For Every Day


Select Your Allergies

Stay on top of up to 24 food allergies—12 common and 12 unique to you.


Epi Injector Expiration Reminders

Receive reminders for up to 8 expiring auto injectors so you can replace them before they expire.


FDA & KFA Newsfeeds

Be the 1st to know about food recalls and contamination alerts from the FDA & KFA



Content that helps you live free with food allergies with more confidence and peace of mind.


Friends & Family Explanation

Easily and consistently explain your allergies to friends & family.  Share by email or print.


Antihistamine Expiration Reminders

Receive reminders about your expiring Antihistamine so you can replace it before it expires.



Family Sharing

Share the app with up to 5 family members (for 6 total).  It can take a village to stay safe!


Restaurant Allergy Explanation Card

Alert restaurants to your allergies by email, text & print. It's a digital chef card in 21 languages!


Epi Injector Reminder

Set custom phone reminders to  remember your Epi Injector.



Share with and learn from others because you’re not alone. You’re in good company.


Premium Gives You More!

(Opt-in to Premium for only $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year)