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the food allergy app—

from Allergy Force

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Meet the App

When you manage food allergies, there’s a lot of information to keep track of and remember. Managing your life requires extra steps like explaining the food allergies time and time again to others, making nonstop food and event decisions, and being prepared for emergencies 24:7.

It can be stressful!

What if you miss or forget something important? Mistakes can be costly, possibly life threatening, for you or your loved one.

What if you could…

  • Tell your friends, family members, and caregivers about the food allergies you manage, easily and consistently, by email or printout? (Think about it... Briefing babysitters—no sweat. Vetting birthday, team, playdate, sleepover, and other event plans—no sweat.)

  • Explain clearly and easily how to prepare food that would be safe for you to eat by sending a templated email or sharing a printout? (Think about it... You might actually be able relax and enjoy holiday gatherings again instead of being on high alert. All. The. Time.)

  • Know before you go to a restaurant if they could safely accommodate your food allergies? And, what if you could explain them in 21 different languages so they were crystal clear to both management and the kitchen crew?

  • Scan barcodes at the supermarket and quickly rule out unsafe foods with allergens? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time reading labels for food that might actually work for your allergies?

  • Quickly find recipes for meals that are not only allergy friendly, but crowd pleasers, too?

  • Get reminders to take your epinephrine with you when you head out, and reminders to replace it before it expires?

  • What if you could call 911 and send your emergency contacts a text and a map of your location, all at the same time?

  • What if you had your Doctor’s emergency instructions right on your phone and a simple guide to walk you through the right steps to take during an allergic reaction?

Life would get easier!

The Allergy Force food allergy management app is an integrated, user friendly app that offers everyday and emergency management features. It was built with you in mind because we know how hard it is to live your best life freely when you manage food allergies.

It can help you communicate and research your allergies so you can make {safe} decisions. It also prepares you to manage an allergy emergency, if and when it strikes. It’s like having your very own ‘allergy mom’ in your pocket.


In these 'App User Guide' posts, we’ll walk you through the entire app, feature by feature—what it does, what the screens look like. We'll give you tips for getting the most out of each feature. Think of these 'App User Guide' posts as your personally guided tour of the app. We couldn’t be more excited to give you a tour of everything.

The app offers both Free and Premium features and is available for download on Apple and Google Play. We hope you'll get to know us and come to love us through our Free bundle of features as we make your life safer and easier.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android


Get to Know the Everyday Features

to Communicate Your Food Allergies Far & Wide



Get to Know the Everyday Features

to Help You Research & Make Informed Decisions



Get to Know the Emergency Features

that Help You Through Allergic Reactions


The purpose of the App User Guide series of posts is to educate the food allergy community about the Allergy Force food allergy app — what it can do, how it works, how to get the most out of it. We're committed to helping you live freely with food allergies — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. Our app is peace of mind in your pocket.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android


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