Allergy Force

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The app helps you explain your allergies and make smart food choices on-the-go.


It helps you navigate allergic reactions safely with more confidence, less fear.

Why Allergy Force?

The app makes life with food allergies easier and safer...


The Allergy Force food allergy app has everyday features you'll use all the time. And it has emergency features that could save your life if you make a mistake. All within reach. When you need them most.

Discover Features

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Navigate Your Everyday

  • Custom Allergy Profile

  • Chef Card—21 languages

  • Food Barcode Scan/Search

  • Recipe Search

  • (2) Communication Tools 

  • Epinephrine Reminders

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The Elijah-Alavi Foundation works to protect children with food allergies & asthma through advocacy, legislation & training for early childhood educators—Elijah’s legacy. Learn more.


When specialized (& more expensive) food is the medical standard of care, FEI helps food insecure families with dietary restrictions access the foods they need to thrive. Learn more.