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Chef Free Club, we share your passion for empowering kids & families through education to live the life they want to live, dietary restrictions or not!  Thank you for all you do for the food allergy community and for collaborating with Allergy Force on content.

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Elijah-Alavi Foundation, thank you for working  to protect children with food allergies through legislation, advocacy & education for school officials—Elijah’s legacy. We are a proud supporter of the Elijah’s Echo Ambassador Program.

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We look forward to evolving our collaboration with the Kitchens with Confidence, MenuTrinfo and AllerTrain trio of companies. Our companies are committed to making life safer & easier for people with dietary restrictions

—whether they eat at home or eat out.


The Koinos Podcast, we share your vision of Community and fostering community by connecting executives and entrepreneurs to create economic opportunities. Thank you for warmly welcoming Allergy Force's CEO to The Koinos Community in your Dec'20 podcast.


Molly D'Isernia — illustrator extraordinaire! — thank you for bringing our vision for teaching kids about food allergies to life. Your illustrations for Allergy Force's Food Allergy ABC's  coloring book are delightful (as in SO fun & SO sweet!)

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Rx Bandz, we are excited to partner with you to develop smart auto-injector accessories that ease the burden of life with food allergies. Smart technology has tremendous potential to improve quality of life for the food allergic and their adherence to medical advice.

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