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Rx Bandz and Allergy Force Sign Partnership for “Smart” Auto-injector Accessories

Easing The Daily Burden Of Living With Severe Food Allergies


Rx Bandz LLC and Allergy Force LLC announced today they have entered into a development and collaboration agreement to use their proprietary technology and resources to produce “smart” auto-injector accessories.

Every three minutes a severe food allergy reaction sends a person to the Emergency Room. Approximately half of all people who have been prescribed an auto-injector do not carry it with them at all times, putting their lives at risk.

The “smart” accessory will not only locate patients’ auto-injectors, but will remind them to carry their auto-injectors when on the go. When the auto-injector is used, the app will activate a 911 call and can send a text with the user’s location to the patient’s emergency contacts.

By combining their technology expertise in hardware and software, Rx Bandz and Allergy Force expect to provide a better way for food allergy patients to manage their allergy medication and emergencies.

Rx Bandz’ MiniJect™ is the world’s smallest auto-injector. It is designed to deliver epinephrine in a compact, fast and patient-friendly manner to patients having acute anaphylactic reactions to food. Its proprietary accessory attachment will conveniently and discretely attach to phones, backpacks, belts and wristbands.

Allergy Force relaunched its integrated food allergy management app with new and improved features in March 2021. The app provides features that help people with food allergies safely handle allergy emergencies. In addition to calling 911 and emergency contacts, it can locate the nearest hospital or pharmacy, and includes an interactive, step-by-step Reaction Response Guide. The app also makes daily life easier for people with severe food allergies with practical features for visits to restaurants, grocery stores, friends and family.

“Designing from the patient’s viewpoint is a core innovation principle for both our companies,” said Jessica Walsh, Rx Bandz’ CEO and Founder. “We share Allergy Force’s goal to assure that life-saving epinephrine is right at hand when needed. From listening to patients, we learned that they want to connect automatically to first responders or family members in an emergency, know the location of their auto-injector and be reminded so they don’t leave home without it.”

Allergy Force CEO and Co-founder, Gayle Rigione added, “We want to provide customers with convenient, practical and reliable emergency tools that lighten the burden of living with a chronic condition like food allergy. Through this partnership with Rx Bandz, we continue to make allergic living easier and safer for people through the innovation of smart technology.”


Rx Bandz LLC is a privately held company based in Locust Valley, New York. Rx Bandz is developing the next generation of patient-centric auto-injectors to deliver a wide range of injectable medications for active patients around the world. Designed to treat numerous emergency medical conditions, MiniJect™ will initially focus on delivering epinephrine to treat anaphylactic shock. For more information, see the company’s website at


Allergy Force LLC is a privately held company based in New Canaan, Connecticut. People with food allergies live with significant uncertainty at all times. Allergy Force offers people with food allergies a fully integrated suite of every day and emergency features in a user-friendly app for iOS and Android phones. The app helps people living with this chronic condition manage their allergies on-the-go, safely with more confidence. The app is currently available on Apple and will soon be available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. For more information, see the company’s website at

March 15, 2021 Locust Valley, NY and New Canaan, CT

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