Empowering Kids with Food Allergies

A process of loving by letting go (gradually)

Learn age-appropriate approaches for preparing kids to self-manage their food allergies.  

"The most important thing parents can teach their children is how to get along without them." —Frank A. Clark


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the food allergy app—

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Teach Food Allergy Diagnosis Specifics 

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Teach Autoinjector

Use & Care

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Hone Food Allergy

Self-Advocacy Skills


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Teach Food Label

Reading Skills

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Teach Skills for

Dining Out Safely

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Nurture Food Allergy Social Savvy


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Ideas for Creating

Family Rules

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Is Your Child Ready

to Self-Manage?

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Empowering Kids with Food Allergies — An Overview 


ABC Coloring Book — a Tool to Teach the  Basics

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