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the food allergy app—

from Allergy Force

  • Writer's pictureEqual Eats Equalizers Series

Equal Eats Equalizers Series Spotlights Gayle Rigione & Allergy Force

The Equal Eats Equalizers series tells the story behind the incredible people making a positive difference for the free from community.

Equal Eats interviewed Gayle Rigione, CEO and Co-founder for the series to learn more about Allergy Force's work, the inspiration that spurred them to innovate a solution for allergic living pain points, and what makes their solution unique.


The interview takes a peek at:

  • Gayle's 2+ decade journey parenting a child with multiple allergies when food allergy know-how and resources were scarce,

  • The aha moment when THE idea for a food allergy lifestyle app crystallized,

  • How the app frees people to live life with food allergies with more peace of mind, less fear, and

  • Where to learn more about the app which is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.

"I think of your app as the Swiss Army Knife for food allergy living. It just has so many different tools that help someone navigate so many different challenges."

—Kyle Dine, CEO and Founder of Equal Eats


Allergy Force's mission is to make life safer and easier through education & technology. Their award-winning blog and food allergy app are the cornerstones of that mission. Learn how Allergy Force makes a positive difference for people living with food allergies.


Equal Eats, was created with a simple concept in mind: we believe in equality every time you eat. No one should feel like they are missing out on tasty food because of allergies, a language barrier, or fear for their life. Visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures is one of the greatest joys in life. We learn so much about ourselves and make amazing memories that we take with us forever.

Equal Eats Allergy Translation Cards — a wallet essential — are available in 50 languages, covering 500+ foods and customizable for your dietary needs. Follow Equal Eats on Instagram, and sign-up for their newsletter.


Credits: Thank you to Kyle and Equal Eats for featuring us on the Equalizers series.


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