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  • Writer's pictureTiffany Rogers, Chef Free Club

Food Allergies: Serving Up a Love of Learning

Little kids stand against bright yellow background holding books. Image from Wix.

How is back-to-school going for your kids

with food allergies?

Schools are beginning to open though there is the real possibility of further interruptions as Covid variants run their course. Colder weather and flu season are around the corner, too.

For many who count on the support, stability, and social benefit that only a classroom can provide, their kids are heading back to in-person schooling this year. With some schools still requiring masks or other restrictions, many may not be excited to send their kids back into the classroom environment, but may not have other options.

For others, some form of school-at-home will be their approach and thankfully, the pandemic-accelerated wave of technological advances has made homeschooling and hybrid programs easier than ever.

I know I’m concerned about the quality of education my kids will receive this fall and I worry about how they’ll feel about school and the learning process. I so want them to love school and learning! I’m sure you might have similar concerns, regardless of the school path you’re embarking on this fall.

Despite the uncertainty, there are things we can do to help our kids continue developing a healthy and long-lasting love of learning. For example, simply getting creative in the kitchen as a family is one way to tickle their curiosity and foster that love.


In the kitchen, your budding chefs won’t even notice they’re learning science, art, math and social studies. There’s no better way of igniting imagination, building life skills and having just plain, old fashioned fun together than cooking.

I started a company — Chef Free Club — to help families dive into kitchen creativity with a minimum of fuss. We send monthly, themed kitchen activity boxes right to your door that include recipe cards, ingredients lists, and a special kitchen tool of the month that make it easy to get started with the fun and the learning.*

Pass the chocolate chip cookies please! (or is it strawberry mochi this month? )

"Whether you plan to have your kids learning IN or OUT of the classroom, grab your apron and get cooking!"

—Tiffany Rogers, Chef Free Club Founder


About the Author: Tiffany Rogers is a food allergy wife and mother with 20+ years experience managing a special diet household, and 15+ years professional business experience. Public speaker and author, Tiffany founded Allergy Cookie to simplify living with food allergies, later publishing her cookbook: 52 Allergy-Friendly Cookies for Kids. Her newest project, the Chef Free Club, teaches children through the kitchen and is inclusive of kids with special diets. Tiffany has served as a local Chair for the FARE Walk for Food Allergy, Community Events Director and General Board Member for the Utah Food Allergy Network, and Support Group Leader for NNMG Food Allergic Families of Utah.

Photo Credit: Thank you Tiffany & Wix for use of the images


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