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Track Expiration Dates for Antihistamines and More

When you live with food allergies, your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine to treat a mild allergic reaction, in which a mild symptom affects only one body area. An antihistamine cannot control a severe reaction and is no substitute for epinephrine. An antihistamine may be used in addition to epinephrine to alleviate some of the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction (e.g., like the itching from hives.)

When you buy antihistamine for your emergency kit , be sure to take note of its expiration date.

The Allergy Force app offers a 'FREE FOREVER' feature {one of many} that tracks your Antihistamine Expiration dates and alerts you to refresh your antihistamine medications before they expire.

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Live demo of the Antihistamine Expiration Info feature:


Using the Antihistamine Expiration Info feature step-by-step:


1. When you land on the Home Page, you will see a white 'medicine bottle' icon at the top left of the screen. Look for it.

Tap the white 'medicine bottle' icon and you will land on the Antihistamine Expiration Info page.

food-allergy-app-landing-page-for-epi-injector-expiration-info-that-shows-the instructions-for-using-the-epi-injector-expiration-info-feature

2. When you land on the next page, you will see 'Instructions' at the top of the page...

3. Tap 'Instructions' to reveal specific instructions for using this feature.

Tap 'Instructions' again to close the instruction details.


4. Next you will see TOGGLES.

When you tap them (to turn them 'ON'), you choose how you want to be notified about upcoming antihistamine expiration dates.

When you turn them 'ON' they turn dark blue.

We recommend that you toggle all three 'ON'.


5. Adding antihistamine medication is easy.

Just identify the antihistamine by a unique name (could be by location, or by the person responsible for the medication).

Then, select its corresponding expiration date. Tap 'Done' after choosing the date.

You can add and manage expirations for up to FIVE different antihistamine medications.


6. Depending on which notification methods you toggled 'ON', two months before your antihistamine expires:

  • Notification emails will begin arriving in your inbox once a week,

  • The white 'medication bottle' icon at the top left of your Home Page will turn YELLOW and stay YELLOW until you update the expiration data for your new antihistamine medication,

  • Plus, you'll receive weekly reminders under the 'Notifications Bell' at the top right of your Home Page.


8. Pro user tips: With FIVE spaces for tracking medication, you can use this feature to track antihistamine medication for multiple people in your household. You also don't need to limit yourself to just tracking antihistamine medication. For example, you could use extra spaces to track asthma medication expirations, too!

"You'll never by surprised by out-of-date medication when you need it."

—Gayle Rigione, CEO and Co-founder, Allergy Force


Get the App

The app offers Free Forever and Premium access. You can try out Premium during a 14-day, no commitment free trial. We want you to get to know us and trust us. We hope you will come to love us.


…empowering you to live your best life with food allergies.


The purpose of the App User Guide series of posts is to educate the food allergy community about the Allergy Force food allergy app — what it can do, how it works, how to get the most out of it. We're committed to helping you live freely with food allergies — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. Our app is peace of mind in your pocket.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android

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