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the food allergy app—

from Allergy Force

  • Writer's pictureNiki Dial

Food Allergy Help for Preschool Families

Families managing food allergies have more resources than ever before at their fingertips with the Allergy Force food allergy app. Peace of mind in your pocket.


With the launch of Version 3 of the Allergy Force food allergy management app, preschool families have more resources than ever before at their fingertips to manage and communicate their child's food allergies — every day and in emergencies.

A safe and gentle launch to learning and friendships during preschool sets the stage for a lifetime of relationship and academic successes — with OR without food allergies!

Thank you to Niki Burg Dial, Director and Weekday Nursery School in New Rochelle, NY for your proactive support of your families managing food allergies and other chronic conditions.


Tech Can Make Food Allergy Life Safer and Easier



Credits: Thank you to Weekday Nursery School Director, Niki Burg Dial, for your support and for use of the article image. Thank you to Simon Rae on Unsplash for use of the post image.

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android


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