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Straight From The Expert: What is OAS?

With spring blooming and the arrival of pollen season, it's perfect timing to learn more about Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS).

Food Allergy Canada hosted a not-to-miss webinar** with immunologist, Dr. Anne K. Ellis, Professor and Chair of the Division of Allergy & Immunology in the Department of Medicine at Queen's University in Ontario, on OAS. Dr. Ellis demystifies OAS, aka Pollen Food Syndrome (PFS) — what it is, how it presents, and what you can do about this type of food allergy. The webinar is shared here with Food Allergy Canada's permission.



You can watch the webinar all the way through (it's definitely time well spent) or skip to specific sections of interest. Your choice!

What is OAS vs. food allergy and the science behind it?

Go to 04:31 — What does “food allergy” really mean?

Go to 07:32 — Food allergy reaction immunology

Go to 08:45 — What is oral allergy syndrome?

Go to 11:16 — What are the common cross reactors?

Go to 14:30 — Prevalence and onset of OAS

Symptoms and diagnosis

Go to 16:17 — Summary of signs & symptoms

Go to 17:48 — Seasonality of OAS and symptoms

Go to 19:17 — Diagnosing OAS

Go to 22:43 — How reactions differ: OAS & anaphylaxis

Go to 25:22 — When should you get a diagnosis?

Go to 26:57 — OAS vs. food allergy – which one is it?

Go to 29:29 — Risk of OAS reaction progression

Go to 30:45 — Impact of food processing & dosing

Management and treatment

Go to 32:39 — Strategies for managing OAS

Go to 34:58 — Antihistamines — not all are equal

Go to 37:38 — Presentation wrap-up

Go to 38:40 — Q&A

Thank you to Food Allergy Canada and Dr. Ellis for this helpful information!

**This webinar is for information purposes only and does not provide specific medical advice, recommendations, diagnosis or treatments. You should discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding your own health or the health of your child with your health care provider.

"The important thing is to never stop questioning."

—Albert Einstein


Food Allergy Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadians with food allergies live with confidence. The organization, led by Executive Director Jennifer Gerdts, is committed to creating a safer world for people with potentially life-threatening allergies through education, advocacy, and research. This webinar shared here with Food Allergy Canada's permission.


Dr. Anne K. Ellis is a Professor in the Department of Medicine with a cross-appointment to the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She joined the Faculty in 2008. She is a Clinician Scientist with 70% protected time for research. She directs the Allergy Research Unit at Kingston General Hospital (KGH), an acute care teaching hospital, and the Environmental Exposure Unit, affiliated with KGH and Queen's University. You can follow her on Twitter: @DrAnneEllis.



Allergy Force is committed to helping people with food allergies live freely — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. The Allergy Force food allergy app is peace of mind in your pocket.

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Credits: Thank you Food Allergy Canada for making this content available to the Allergy Force Community and to Rod Long on Unsplash

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