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Allergic Living Article on College & Food Allergies

Allergic Living recently published an articleCollege and Food Allergies: What I Wish I’d Done Differentlyby Allergy Force CEO and Co-founder, Gayle Rigione.


The article shares one food allergy mom's experience and the 3 things she would do differently if she could replay the years leading up to college. The hope is that this retrospective 'look into the future' will help families managing food allergies prepare their student for the young adult years (that come all too soon!)

According to Allergic Living, Gayle "was the uber-food allergy mom. She had allergy management down to a science. But when her son was accepted to college, it dawned on her: Had she done enough to prepare HIM to manage food allergies completely on his own? Some of his skills were solid, but..."



Allergic Living informs, engages and assists readers living with food allergies, and environmental allergies and asthma. Their mission is to be the authoritative and trustworthy source of news and information for the allergy community.

Gwen Smith, is Allergic Living’s co-founder and editor. Gwen is a journalist with years of experience in both Canada and the U.S. She has been the deputy managing editor and national editor of The Globe and Mail newspaper, the editor-in-chief of a national women’s magazine, a magazine writer and a radio and TV producer at CBC. She and the editorial team may be reached at

Credits: Thank you Andrea Chalon Photography for the article lead image , Gwen Smith for her deft editorial hand, and Allergic Living for publishing the article


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