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the food allergy app—

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Allergy Force Blog Wins Coveted Award

For six years, MenuTrinfo® has recognized industry leaders at the forefront of food allergy safety, training, and service with annual national allergy awards. This prestigious award recognizes the winner and nominees' hard work and dedication to keeping people with food allergies safe.


This year, AllerTrain™ by MenuTrinfo recognized Allergy Force as the 2022 Best Allergy-Free Blogger.

The Allergy Force team is incredibly honored and humbled that our blog — created to encourage & educate people with food allergies with compassion, kindness, and some laughter along the way — has been recognized with this award.

We are grateful to all the guest authors we feature for sharing their personal journeys and takeaways with our community. This award is for all of us.


“We pour a lot of heart and care into our content, always focused on sharing the facts, offering encouragement and pointing the way to the possible. Though food allergies may shape our lives, they do not define us.”

—Gayle Rigione, Allergy Force CEO and Co-founder


MenuTrinfo®, the parent company of AllerTrain™ and a Certified Women-Owned Business headquartered in Fort Collins, Co., has been the nation’s leading nutritional, food allergy, consulting company since 2010. MenuTrinfo provides a variety of services ranging from AllerTrain® (a food allergen accredited training course), to menu labeling and nutrition expertise, to accredited food safety training and ISO17065 accreditation services.


Allergy Force is committed to helping people with food allergies live freely — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. The Allergy Force food allergy app is peace of mind in your pocket...

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android


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