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Resources For An Allergy-friendly Halloween

I don't know about you, but great information hits my inbox in dribs and drabs, or it's scattered across my {way too many I admit} social media accounts.

I've pulled together some of the 'best-of-breed' Halloween resources I've seen recently to help you keep the fun in Halloween. I hope this information share will help you stress less over the safety of your Trick-or-Treating Jedi's, princesses, ghosts & goblins with food allergies.


Tips For A Safe Halloween

FAACT's Halloween Safety Tips

FAACT shares an easy-to-implement list of practical tips for staying safe (and sane) throughout the Halloween festivities. Get them here!

FARE's Halloween Guidance

FARE provides a quick summary of candy allergen risks to be aware of as you evaluate treat options for your kids and the trick-or-treaters who haunt your doorstep on the 31st.

FARE provides a list of non-food Halloween treat ideas if you are stuck coming up with candy alternatives. There's still time to track these down. Think about buying extra to share with neighbors for your kids and other kids in the neighborhood with food allergies.

Allergy-friendly Candy Options

Allergic Living’s Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy & Treats List 2021

This list of treats from Allergic Living will simplify your hunting/gathering process so you'll be have allergy-friendly candy on hand to offer trick or treaters who visit.

KFA's Allergy-friendly Halloween Candy Guide

Whether you are looking for allergy-friendly treats to hand out, or swap out at the end of the night, KFA provides an extensive guide of allergy-friendly options (sponsored by Enjoy Life) for the night of the Great Pumpkin.

Spokin's List of Food-allergy Friendly Halloween Candy

Spokin is looking out for the safety and inclusion of your trick-or-treater with food allergies with this list of food-allergy friendly Halloween candy.

Other Resources To Help

FARE sponsors the Teal Pumpkin Project. Here's how you can get your teal on:

Show your teal at your doorstep and tell trick-or-treaters you're an allergy-friendly stop on their trick-or-treat adventure. FARE offers downloadable signage & flyers that can help you spread the word!

You can find teal pumpkins on Amazon, at Walmart, and Target. Or, grab that can of teal paint and transform your pumpkin patch finds into teal beacons for food allergic trick-treaters in your neighborhood.

Share information on non-candy treat alternatives with your child's teachers, with school administrators, with your church, with your local small business association or chamber of commerce, with your neighbors and friends as giveaways for a crowd in lieu of candy.


Wishing your family a fun & SAFE Halloween!


About the Author: Gayle Rigione is CEO and Co-founder of Allergy Force, the food allergy app. She’s also an allergy mom. She’s lived the heart stopping moments when her son ate the wrong thing, second guessed reactions and spent the night in the ER. These experiences inspire her to create tools for people with food allergies that make life safer, easier. Whatever you do, do it with a full heart. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

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