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Ice Cream & Food Allergies—Hold the Sprinkles

"...Sure you can’t eat Ice-cream like other pepole, but still find joy in what you can have..."

—Olivia Daring, 3rd grader with food allergies


A new friend recently reminded me that for every glass half empty or half full, it's important to remember and be thankful that there’s a glass to fill.* *

3rd grade author, Olivia Daring, IS able to find the glass to fill AND it's not half full. It's full!

I hope her post puts a smile in your day. —Gayle Rigione, Allergy Force founder


Olivia writes:

"Do you know anybody with food allergies? I have three food allergies. I also know friends with food allergies. It can get a little frustrating.

First of all, having food allergies means having not very many food options. That means when other pepole get to go out and eat Ice-cream with toppings, I have to bring mine without toppings. I wish I didn’t have food allergies.

Also, having food allergies mean that you always have to carry an emergency bag with you at all times. You can also pick out what color or designs you want your bag to be. It is a little annoying when you have to carry a bag all the time. It can also sometimes be fun.

Food allergies can be a little frustrating. But it can also be a little fun. Sure you can’t eat Ice-cream like other pepole, but still find joy in what you can have. We can also be greatfull for substitutions.”



About the Author: Olivia Daring is now a 4th grader who loves drawing, aerial silks (think gravity defying aerial acrobatics á la Cirque du Soleil) and soccer. She’s also passionate about all things Language Arts and writes for the Allergy Force community about her food allergic life. While she is severely allergic to tree nuts, and dairy & soy are EOE triggers, Olivia never lets food allergies or EoE stop her from enjoying all that life has to offer — from trips to the Magic Kingdom to ice cream & pizza outings with family and friends.

Credits: Thank you to Sharayah M. for permitting Allergy Force to share this essay

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**A great support resource for food allergic families

The NNMG Food Allergic Families Group & Forum is a helpful resource for families navigating food allergies, dedicated to learning, educating and supporting families with food allergies. The group also organizes peanut and tree nut free playgroups for all ages where members can meet other mothers and children who are dealing with life threatening food allergies. Learn more about joining or starting a playgroup in your area at the NNMG Food Allergic Families website. Check it out.

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