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The Food Allergy Multiplier Effect


Food allergies impact an estimated $3.5 Billion in restaurant spending.

Eating out is a social experience and people rarely dine alone.

Families and friends with food allergies are extremely loyal to restaurants who handle their special needs with care. Often, the person with food allergies wields veto power over the restaurant choice. If a restaurant can't accommodate food allergies, it stands to lose a significant amount of business because families (and friends) with food allergies won't dine there.

Do the math...

An estimated 26 Million American adults have food allergies. According to a 2018 survey by Zagats, Americans spend an average of $36.40 per person at a restaurant. If the average restaurant party size is 3.7, the number of potential customers impacted by food allergies is 96.2 Million. Conservatively, the value of the food allergy market to the restaurant industry is $3.5 Billion -- without even factoring in the 4.9 times per week the average person eats out as reported in the Zagats survey If you factor the dining-out frequency in, the value would be closer to $17.2 Billion (though people with severe food allergies likely dine out with less frequency.)

Not a small number!

These numbers should give restaurant owners cause for pause. Handle a food allergic customer with care and a restaurant stands to win devoted customers who bring friends and family benefits. aka $$$


Allergy Force is committed to helping people with food allergies live freely — with less fear, less anxiety, more confidence — through technology and education. The Allergy Force food allergy app is peace of mind in your pocket.....

Get the food allergy app for Apple OR Android

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